Becuase of the unique environment we offer, every dog must pass a temperament (Sniff Session) test before becoming members of the club. You are welcome to be present for the test (in fact we encourage it) so you can see the results for yourself.

The first part of the evaluation focuses on human interactions. We will greet the pup and make sure they will be comfortable with our counselors who will be taking care of them all day by performing various small tests to gauge reactions.

Then we introduce them to our greeter dogs (one at a time then in a small group). These pups are those that we know and trust. Each of these dogs will test varying social skills.

After the sniff around, all dogs are given a color code:

Green dogs are those dogs that show excellent social skills, listen to basic requests and just overall enjoy the presence and play of people and other dogs. These dogs are also the only ones we will welcome into the boarding and VIP programs. Since our boarding is communal, we want to ensure everyone in the bunk room is comfortable and thrives in the environment.Yellow dogs are those that exhibit some symptoms that would cause us to proceed with caution. Perhaps we try a smaller playgroup at first, or we give them a little special attention to ensure they cope well with the club members. Only 20% of the club members will be allowed to carry a yellow designation. We will reevaluate after they have visited a few times and they may get upgraded to a green once they get used to the club.Red dogs are those that we know make great pets, but may not work well with the other members of the club. Don’t worry… if your dog gets a red eval, it just means he may not work well in our unique environment but could do well in another daycare program.