Safe, Healthy, Stimulating, Cage-Free Play and Socialization

We know what you’re thinking… “Why should I choose Club Whisker Bones for dog daycare?”

The number one reason is that we offer a premium daycare experience. Instead of your pup being thrown into groups of 30 or more dogs, we keep our group sizes to 10-12 dogs. We also have one counselor for every group (industry average is one for every 20-30 dogs). The smaller group sizes and higher person to dog ratio makes the environment less stressful for your pup and allows them to receive a more personal and attentive daycare experience.

Exhaustion is not our measure of success.

You want a tired dog after a day of doggie daycare with their buddies. We understand your goal and good dog play sessions will help you tire out your best friend while also monitoring the overall safety and health of your dog.  It’s important that exhaustion is not the only measure of success when you bring your dog to a dog daycare.

Our approach to your dog’s day in off-leash play is to balance physical exercise, mental activities, and rest periods.  All three are equally important components to keeping your dog safe and healthy when socializing with other dogs. Dogs are social animals that need to interact with other dogs (and people) on a regular basis, and they’ll receive that and more with Club Whisker Bones.

Physical exercise is the most obvious benefit of off-leash play at doggie daycare and it’s what most pet parents think about when they drop their dog off to play.  But for your dog’s health, we also consider it important to provide mental stimulation, which allows your dog to think and use his brain during the day. Mental work is tiring for your dog while building their confidence and self-control.  And naturally, after all this physical and mental work, dogs need rest.  This is why we include formal rest periods as an important component of our health and safety program for your pet.  Dogs that get overly tired are less tolerant and more grumpy (just like kids) which increases the risk of injury.

Something for everyone.

Our Indoor/Outdoor Day Camp is divided into play areas, so dogs of all sizes and speeds have their own space to run, play, fetch, socialize or nap. We structure their day to include interaction with our staff, play with their friends and rest periods to keep them rested and healthy.

Our counselors are always in the room to offer the safety and comfort of around-the-clock supervision, not to mention countless hugs, head scratches and belly rubs as needed.


All dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to attend daycare (or have first two rounds of puppy shots).All dogs over 7 months must be spayed or neutered.Every dog must attend a Sniff Session to ensure they’re ready to be cage-free. This temperament evaluation is for the safety of all dogs and humans at Club WB. Sniff Sessions are by appointment only and require a $10 fee (applied to your first visit with us). They can be scheduled online or over the phone.We also require up-to-date vaccinations, including: DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella (required annually, recommended every 6 months) and Negative Fecal Test. We are recommending Canine Influenza (but not required at this time). All attendees must be on flea and tick protection all year round. In order to prevent the spread of any parasites, if fleas or ticks are present on your pet, we will bathe your dog with a flea and tick shampoo at your expense.

Step 1:

Schedule Your Sniff Session Today

Step 2:

Fill out the application and email or bring with you

Pick-up and Drop-off times

First Drop-off for Doggie Daycare is 6:00 am M-F
Last pickup is 6:30 pm

We offer a 30-minute window for pickups. Pickups after 6:30 will be charged $5 for every 15 minutes. Dogs not picked up from Doggie Daycare before 7:00 will automatically go into boarding (standard rates apply).

First Drop-off is 7:00 am Saturday and Sunday
Last pickup is 5:30 pm

Our dog day care guests enjoy a day of natural play in our spacious indoor/outdoor dog parks. Since Club WB is an cage-free environment, all dogs are temperament tested to enusre your pup interacts with playmates their own size and temperament level. For our smaller/younger guests, we provide a separate and secure small dog lounge where they are free to run and play with friends their own size. We have a zero tolerance policy for aggression. Our staff of trained dog handlers provides non-stop supervision and interaction to help ensure the safety and comfort of all of our dog day care guests. We have one counselor for every 10-12 dogs (plus our head counselor) – exceeding the industry standard of 1 counselor per 20 dogs. All dogs that attend dog day care are fully vaccinated and temperament tested to help ensure a safe and healthy experience.


A dog’s natural instinct is to play. The desire to play does not have to be taught to or learned by most pups. Playing is a dog’s most natural form of positive interaction and communication with both humans and fellow canines. A dog at play provides the best opportunity to peer inside the canine soul and explore who the dog really is. Club WB believes a dog deprived of regular
exercise, mental stimulation, and human touch can physically and emotionally decompose. That’s why we interact with the dogs all day with periods of play interspersed with general “rest” time. We even use more natural materials for our playground equipment to help encourage natural behaviors.
Plus… we have a play pond with a water fall to cool the pups off, doggy pools, sprinkler play pad and outdoor playground equipment.


Just like children, when pups get tired they can get grumpy. When dog daycare was first conceived, the measure of success was a dog coming home tired and exhausted. But what if we told you some of that exhaustion could be from stress due to lack of rest during the day? Many times, in traditional doggy daycare sessions, a pup will go and “self-rest”. But because all the other dogs around are aroused, they never truly relax. Napping on and off during the day is a normal pattern for all dogs. Formal rest periods are offered during play visits to mirror this normal pattern and to allow dogs to reach deeper sleep levels. Providing quiet times for rest periods allow dogs to reach the restful deep sleep levels they need to stay healthy and happy.

Half Day

(up to five hours) 5% off additional family members

Full Day


(over 5 hours) 5% off additional family members

Last pickup time is 6 PM

5-day Plan

5 full days (can be used individually) 5% off additional family members(expires 60 days from date of first use)


10-day Plan

10 full days (can be used individually) 5% off additional family members (expires 180 days from date of first use)

15-day Plan

15 full days (can be used individually) 5% off additional family members (expires 240 days from date of first use)

30-day Plan

30 full days (can be used individually) 5% off additional family members (expires 1 year from date of first use)

1/2 Day Packages (up to 5 hours) Also Available

5 Half Days

$110 (additional family members-5% off)

10 half days

$220 (additional family members-5% off)

15 half days

$330 (additional family members-5% off)

30 half days

$660 (additional family members-5% off)

Notes about packages

We can easily double half days to make full days, but we cannot split a full day credit to be a half day.
Also, all packages are non-refundable.


New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday or Monday), July 4th, Labor Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday or Monday), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Daycare Hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Daycare on holidays will include a single $5 surcharge per dog.

No passes, package credits can be used on the above days.


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