Dog Grooming with Care

We are pleased to offer the same array of dog grooming services for your special pet at our Glen Carbon location as we do at Whisker Bones Supply Co.. Whether you’re looking for a complete dog grooming package, a good bathing after a day of play or just need help getting your pet’s ears cleaned or teeth brushed, Club Whisker Bones. can help!

Our pricing is listed below. We have simplified our pricing structure based on size of the pet and not breed. Prices are subject to change based on the condition of coat and hair length etc.


Wednesday- Saturday – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PMClosed on all major holidays

A member of our pack will call you as soon as your pet is finished. Expect a full groom to take 2-4 hours per dog (or so). If you have a specific time you need your pet picked up, please notify us at time of drop off and we will try our “darndest” to accommodate.

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Pet Grooming Packages

We proudly use Nootie grooming products… an all-natural, botanically-based line.

We provide a range of pricing below. All grooming ranges are estimates until we see your fur baby in person. We don’t want there to be any surprises for your pocket book, but we also must take into account what is best for your pet.

Please note… appointments at Club Whisker Bones may take longer than at our Downtown Store due to it being a one-on-one salon with limited staff. 

Squeaky Clean: Shampoo, blow dry, massage, nail trim, ear cleaning, plucking, light brushing, and fragrance. (Anal glands expressed upon request)

Teacup (under 8lbs)$18 – $24Small – Short Hair (9-15 lbs )$24 – $30Small – Long/Curly Hair (9-15 lbs )$26 – $32Small/Medium Short Hair (16-34lbs)$29 – $36Small/Medium Long/Curly Hair (16-34lbs)$31 – $40Medium Short Hair  (35-54lbs)$33 – $39Medium Long/Curly Hair  (35-54lbs)$36 – $42Large (55-74lbs)$40 – $46Large (Long/Double Coat / Husky / German Shepherd / Malamute, etc)$44 – $54Extra Large Short Hair (75-99lbs)$45 – $55Extra Large Long/Curly Hair (75-99lbs)$47 – $57XXLarge (100lbs + smooth e.g. Great Dane, Short Haired Mastiff)$48 – $58XXLarge (100lbs + longer hair e.g. St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Long Haired Mastiff, etc.)*$54 – $64

*Please note: Long haired breeds will need be upgraded to the  Buff-n-Puff if there is a chance of matting when wet or matting is found during consultation. 


Buff-n-Puff: Includes everything in the Squeaky Clean Package plus a sanitary trim, 15 minute brush out, scissoring feet, shaving paw pads and a bandana/bows.

Teacup (under 8lbs)$28 – $33Small (under 15lbs)$33 – $39Small/Medium (16-34lbs)$39 – $44Medium (35-54lbs)$45 – $52Large (55-74lbs)$52 – $60Large (Double Coat / Husky / German Shepherd / Malamute/ All Standard Doodles)$60 – $68Extra Large (75-99lbs)$62 – $72XXLarge (100lbs +)$75+

Sittin’ Pretty: Includes everything in the Squeaky Clean and Buff-n-Puff packages plus an all over haircut/blade shave and style.

Teacup (under 8lbs)$36 – $42Small (under 15lbs)$42 – $47Bichons / Toy Poodles$48 – $58Small/Medium (16-34lbs) / Cocker Spaniels/ King Charles Spaniels and Cocker-poos, etc.$52  – $62Medium (35-54lbs) / Mini Poodles$58 – $68Large (55-75lbs)$65 – $75Large (Double Coat / Husky / German Shepherd / Malamute / All Standard Doodles)$67 – $85Extra Large / All Standard Poodles / (75-100lbs)$78 – $92XXLarge (100lbs +)$95 – $115

Clip Comb & Hand scissor / Style Clip: Add $5 for Small/ Med size. Add $10 for Large. Add $15 for X-Large.

Full Hand Scissor Cut: Add $10 for Small/Medium dogs. Add $20 for Large dogs. Add $30 for X-Large dogs.De-Matting: Add $5 for every 15 minutes for Small/ Med. dogs. Add $10 for every 15 minutes for Large dogs. Add $20 for every 15 minutes for X-Large dogs.  De-Matting not to exceed 30 minutes… we will refer you to a vet if it will take longer.Overgrown:  Add $10 for Small/Medium dogs. Add $20 for Large dogs. Add $30 for X-Large dogs. (these are our once or twice a year dogs)Difficulty:  Add $5 – $10 depending on time spent and difficulty.


Premium Add-on/Stand Alone Services **

Nail Clip (walk-ins welcome)$10Nail Dremel (walk-ins welcome)$13($5 with package aboveSpecialty Shampoo$3Medicated / Natural Flea Tick Shampoo (we do not offer flea dips)$3De-shedding Shampoo$3Cucumber Melon Facial (Clean, Brighten, Remove Tear Stains while adding a luxurious scent)$5Paw Soother$3Teeth Brushing$5Nail Pawlish$5Ear Cleaning$5Standard Hair Bows (clip not bands)/Bandanas$2Premium hand-sewn Bandana / Neckband$6

Mud treatment

Natural and Organic Mud Bath Treatments To Feed & Hydrate your dogs skin with essential nutrients & essential fatty acids.Madra Mór Muds are made with wholesome ingredients according to strict Ecocert guidelines, ensuring an all-natural, eco-friendly product free of the harsh detergents that were upsetting our dogs.We have four formulas to choose from:

Shed Safely MudMobility MudSoothing MudFortifying Mud

PRICINGTeacup: $10Small: $15Medium: $20Large: $25Lg. Dbl. Coat: $30XL: $35XXL: $40

Dog Grooming prices are based upon size and condition of coat. An additional fee of $10 may be added for difficult dogs if additional help or time is needed to complete the groom. If we are unable to safely groom your dog (our safety or theirs), we will not continue grooming and will contact you to advise of the issue.**Standard Promotional discounts do not apply.

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All dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to have a grooming session.We require up-to-date vaccinations, including:DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella (required annually, recommended every 6 months). We are recommending Canine Influenza (but not required at this time).Must wait 24-hours after application of topical flea treatment before grooming.